YOU are all you need to Prosper!

YOU are all you need to Prosper!

Did you know you are all you need right now!

I love it how Adele Basheer says it – “Believe! You have all you need to make your dreams come true!”

You were born on purpose and with purpose!
I don’t know about you, but certainly for me it has been more about the discovery and the opening of my eyes to who I truly am within, what I have to offer and where I shine best versus figuring out what is missing and what I need to strive to have next.

I often hear the saying “You can do anything!” however I believe it is more accurate to say, “within the realm of your soul and who you were born to be, you can do anything!” Where is that for you? In what realm can you do anything?

I believe prosperity comes when we know the answer to this question, create awareness and take action!

As you know we each fall into different energy patterns and ways of thinking – making us unique! In saying that there are 4 main energies we can all identify ourselves with in some way and one of these will be your ‘captain energy’ – the energy which is predominantly steering your ship called life!

Exploring these allows you to see your natural abilities, strengths, gifts and where you can most efficiently and effectively spend your time. It also shows you areas which will take more energy for you and which don’t come as naturally to you.

Although you will want to work within all the energies in your life for maximum results and freedom, it will be those areas you naturally shine in that will have you living your purpose, your dreams and being the person you were born to be!

Which Energy Are You? Be proud – OWN it and CLAIM it!



Just do it


Just as this implies, you are someone who likes to get on with the task at hand! You are the Warrior/Warrioress! You are outcome, fact and mission driven and often work in leadership roles leading the way and paving the pathway forward. You are visual and see the big picture ahead of you. You love efficiency and a good challenge! You make your decisions based on fulfilling your main needs of Certainty and Significance. Your greatest fear is loss of control in your life.




laughing ball heads


You are the captain of optimism! You are the entertainer, the joker, the drama queen! You love to get creative, generate ideas, laugh and be forever happy! You are naturally gifted in relationships and connecting with people as well as in emotional and social intelligence. For you it is all about ‘the journey’ and how you ‘feel.’ You are very likeable which is probably why your greatest fear is rejection. The two things captaining your ship are Variety and Connection (connection in groups)!



together we can do anything


You are the mother archetype and love taking care of others. You are family orientated and you are also naturally gifted with emotional and social intelligence. You are extremely reliable, warm and friendly. Management and taking care of everything behind the scenes is an area you excel in and love, especially due to your ability to capture detail and create processes. You love repetition and are sensitive to change, which is why your biggest fear is instability. Comfort and Connection (connection one to one) are your biggest needs and therefore these come into play most when you make your decisions.



you only live once


You love precision! You therefore love to be right from a perspective of precision and detail. One of your top values is respect and punctuality is very important for you, to the point that if someone is late, they cannot be trusted. You are extremely loyal and reliable. You are logical and love thinking and analyzing. Workwise you shine as a specialist in your field and love to be recognized in private versus public. Your greatest fear is criticism of your work and funnily enough Certainty and Significance are your top two needs, both of which are fulfilled with your work.

WOW! Could you identify yourself with any of these? You will likely find that you can identify with all or most of these brief descriptions; however there is one that is your CAPTAIN! Once you think you have identified your captain, it is really important to understand that this is not who you are, it is simply the energy and the space in which you operate at the most efficient and effective level for you. All of these energies are actually on your ship as passengers, however the question is ‘which one is stepping up to captain the ship, to make the decisions and drive your life forward?’

As you can imagine knowing your captain energy is ‘key’ to understanding where you shine as a person and the energy you need to ‘tune into’ to create a prosperous and fulfilling life unique to you. I encourage you to get to know your captain and honour it in your life.

Also ask yourself the question “Am I utilising this energy in a resourceful way?” By resourceful I mean, ‘Is it for the greater good of both you and others?’ We can actually meet our needs resourcefully or un-resourcefully and awareness around this is huge! Resourceful is sustainable however un-resourceful is not. It is fascinating how we can meet our needs sometimes! For example are you meeting your need for Significance through connection to people and adding value to them? Or are you meeting it through a problem/negative situation in your life? Hmmmm….

I’m not sure about you but I LOVE knowing and understanding all this about myself. Awareness brings so much freedom because it shows us where we can take conscious action to increase the results we want.

I trust this has been a valuable jet ride over the 4 energy types for you, and a fast jet ride it certainly was! There is so much more to this, however for now begin tuning into your captain and valuing it! You will need to entertain each of the different 4 energies at different points throughout your day to create success, however by spending the majority of time with your captain in a resourceful way, you will feel rejuvenated, energized, deeply fulfilled and most certainly be prosperous!


Belinda Belinda Wuensch

Prosperity Coach @ ‘Your Prosperity Begins at 40’




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