Unleash the Inspired Entrepreneur within you!!

Unleash the Inspired Entrepreneur within you!!

I first heard the concept of an Inspired Entrepreneur through one of my favorite authors and mentors, Nick Williams. Every time I read one of Nick’s books my mind melts into my heart and creates a sense of pure joy. I’ll be forever grateful for Nick in introducing me to the concept of the Inspired Entrepreneur!


Today I wanted to give you a glimpse of the wisdom Nick has shared with me over the years personally and through his books. Wisdom I have used to help me grow, serve and create a life of prosperity.


It is said we are entering a new age in business and that we are at the cutting edge of this much needed revolution.


What is the key distinction of an Inspired Entrepreneur?


“It’s the move away from a mindset of competition to a mindset of collaboration.”

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It is the concept of collaboration that excites us here at Prosperity as we build a community for all to grow and be the best they can be!


An Inspired Entrepreneur shows up in the world with their full potential to serve others while building prosperity and living a life of purpose and passion!


Your work shouldn’t be a source of suffering, but can indeed be a blessing, a way that you share your unique gifts, talents & opportunity that can make a positive difference.


An Inspired Entrepreneur knows she was given her talents and skills to make a difference in the world.


Here is a poem I’d like to share with you. I have this framed in my home and it reminds me everyday that it is my purpose to use my God given talents and skills.

I hope it resonates with you enough to create the urgency of bringing alive everything that is within you and yearning to be unleashed!





“Those who get noticed for their intellectual, artistic or psychological abilities, and so on, are said to have a gift. What is a gift? It is a ‘spiritual entity’ that has entered into someone to work through them. Of course, there won’t be many brain specialists who accept that talents and abilities are entities living in people. But the proof that those they inhabit do not work these wonders themselves but that others work through them is that they can lose their gift.

This has happened to many people: they have lost their gift because they have fallen into dissolute ways; the entities living in them have left. Would you like higher beings to come and manifest through you as qualities and talents?


Call on light, on harmony and peace, conditions that are vital for attracting theses beings. They are there waiting, and when they see someone who has been able to prepare a home for them that is worthy of them, they enter this person with such joy, to bring riches and beauty not only for them but also for others through them.



Your work, as the poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran said so beautifully can be ‘love made visible’.


“Love made visible is the way of the Inspired Entrepreneur.”


But most of us will not go into business purely for the sake of it. We simply want to be in charge of our lives, to have a meaningful sense of purpose in what we do and to be free to become good at doing things that mean something to us, whilst earning the money to live well.


Going from being self employed or from working for someone else to working for yourself means adopting a new way of looking at the world through creative and entrepreneurial eyes; it’s realizing that we can take charge of our lives and be the initiating force in them.


Becoming an Inspired Entrepreneur allows you to unwrap your own unlived potential, provide structure, meaning, friendship, confidence and self-worth. We are beginning to realize that our work can open doors to many hearts. “You can’t pay the bills with unmet potential” – Time to unleash your potential!


Inspired Entrepreneurs don’t just chase success they follow their joy as well! A work ethic of joy and fulfillment is emerging.


Inspired Entrepreneurs – Are no longer willing to be a wage slave or a cog in a big machine. Today we don’t need to choose a particular career path as much as we need to create work and opportunities around what we love doing.


In these financially unstable times, sacrificing ourselves in return for a regular income is no longer a safe option. The new security lies in being your best self and uncovering your unique brilliance in your business and lives.


These are exciting times but can be a bit scary as we take responsibility for our businesses, as we can no longer rely on employers to take care of us. Most of us grew up believing that a ‘proper job’ means working for someone else, today, a proper job can mean anything we want it to be!


While Inspired Entrepreneurs are open to creating income or maybe great wealth, they know this happens as a by-product of living their purpose. They are focused on helping and serving people; the money simply follows when we combine our intention with our skills. Together we can collaborate to build skills!


The world does not need more impoverished people, it needs Inspired Entrepreneurs who are creating income for themselves and helping others to future-proof their lives. We can all play a bigger role in empowering others to prosper.


As well as loving what we do we need to be willing to keep getting better at what we do, to be seen and to become known for doing it. In this way people will find out about you and join you!


Learning what your purpose is, putting yourself out there in the market place and being seen as a business person can be a daunting thought. Here at Prosperity we are about to launch a program to help you do all this plus lots more! Keep an eye out for ‘Unlocking Your Prosperity Code.’


The door to our success as an Inspired Entrepreneur is to be open to turning professional, which means deciding to commit to doing what we love in the face of fear and Resistance.



What stands between the life you live now and the life you want to live as and Inspired Entrepreneur?

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