The ‘Joy Ride’ of creating Prosperity!


The ‘Joy Ride’ of creating Prosperity!

What does Prosper mean anyway?

It means ‘Wholeness.”

To live your life from the core of who you truly are, whilst fulfilling and honouring all that Really Matters Most To You.

Wholeness is not about living like the world lives or how the world believes you should live! It is about living in the wholeness of you, which is all we can do and be equipped to do.

Using your unique blend of potential is a part of your wholeness. Your unique blend of life experiences, lessons, challenges, successes, skills, passions, gifts and talents make up the wholeness of who you are today. By utilising the wholeness of your spirit, your Soul can guide your heart into using your strengths and creating a whole life that honours your True Self.

Fulfilment is not more stuff, a new job, a winning lottery ticket or a perfect body. Even though these types of things are nice, they do not give you the fulfilment your heart yearns for.

Prosperity is about fulfilling your agreement to your Soul by having the courage to honour every part of you and what you have to offer the world.

It is having the courage to say ‘Yes’ to the journey of digging deep and uncovering the true wealth inside of you.

‘Prosperity Begins at 40’ Community is the result of me saying yes to the next chapter in me, the next part of my journey. It has been such a great time. I wanted to create a sacred place for other women to dig deep and to connect to other women who are also digging deep.

The starting point is YOU first! You know the airplane drill, your face mask first then others. We all need to tap into our own oxygen first so we have the life force to prosper personally and help others prosper.

Digging deep to uncover your true potential is a simple process that requires you to be fully present. I always found it a relief to know the answers are already in me, its just asking the right questions to draw them out. You don’t need to spend years of external searching and seeking because you can actually just STOP and go deep within yourself to discover you have all you need! The answers are not in society, friends or family, they are in YOU.

This is a process you must take to truly get to the inner spiritual core of who you are. Your prosperity relies on it.

Stopping to listen to your Souls messages is not a process that needs approval or permission from anyone. It is your birthright. Marianne Williamson quoted “We came into this world with the memory in our Soul that this is our function here,”

It’s our birthright! Not all people understand or even relate to the journey you know you want to explore and engage in, and that’s ok.

It’s a personal journey. This has been the craziest ride of my life putting the pieces together with all the clues from my Soul’s footprints, the pivotal moments, lessons and every thread that has gone into creating my tapestry of life…..My very own picture of prosperity and no two pictures are alike.

It’s a rollercoaster ride not to be missed. I say a rollercoaster ride versus hot air balloon ride because hot air balloons have only a few passengers and they are filled with hot air, which can come crashing down! It’s a rollercoaster because we are all together on this ride, experiencing the ups, downs and the joy. We scream, shout, belly laugh, we hold our breath, we shut our eyes and best of all raise our arms into gushing winds. Feel the sense of freedom to just let go and be you! When we pull back into the station we say, can we go again!!

I look forward to you joining me on my next rollercoaster ride when ‘Your Prosperity Code’ online campus is launched! Together we can connect with everything that is whole and prosperous to you.


Louise x

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