I am a strong believer that all decisions become easy when we know who we are.


Millions of women are spending millions of dollars on myriad courses promising them overwhelming success if they just follow the structure outlined in the sales pitch.


The endless list of courses cover things like: how to build a business, learn marketing and advertising, how to be a great speaker, write a book, or how to build a personal brand and then share that on social media.


Can you relate?


How many courses have you signed up for? Or an even more potent question – how many of those courses did you complete?


Even if you did complete it, did you walk away really knowing what it is you want to say to the world?


Do you know what lights you up and
 where your genius is?


I hope for you the answer is “Yes!” however, I know for most women it won’t be. There are many brilliant courses on offer where people are sharing their gift of knowledge to the world and I am a big believer in education and learning.  My message here is this:


“Know that which will serve your highest potential so you are able to walk away with your life-path enhanced, not more confused! 


Thousands of hugely successful people will tell you to ‘stay in your own lane!’ But what if you don’t know what your own lane is yet?


Once you know what your lane is in life you won’t be distracted by things that do not serve your path in life. You’ll save those commodities most precious to you, namely time, money and valuable resources — plus your sanity!


Your path is linked to your unique Gifts, Strengths, Dreams and Purpose.


Take a breath, consider your moves very carefully and step away from the rat-race of confusion.


The most common comment we hear from those who complete my Authentic Gifts Assessment is “I wish I knew this 18 year ago.” With a teaspoon of courage and the right tools, we can stop our never ending search in the external world for answers and being seduced by ‘Earn a Million Dollars in your First Year’ type pitches.


That small dose of courage and some further exploration will enable you to see how unique you really are – and you’ll never compare yourself to anyone again!


Begin the inner journey to your core and your gifts will begin to reveal themselves to you.


What is your true nature in the world? Who is your authentic Self?


The world has geared us to focus on changing what we have been told is broken with us. We are always reminded by society, media and rules about what we need to fix. It’s around the wrong way and keeps the world locked into ‘not feeling good enough.’


The biggest secret in the world is this is absolutely not true.


Your “lane” is abundant; it is equipped to take you to great heights and make the difference you want to make in the world.

 If we continue to believe what society tells us to, we will never really have the confidence to step out and develop the Authentic Gifts that lay dormant inside us, waiting to be released into the world and create the prosperity we dream of.


There is an incredible You busting to see the light of this world.


Start with your Authentic Gifts and work your way out. Release them into the world through your career, job, community or exciting new enterprise. This is your unique signature in the world, something only YOU can offer the world. Your age doesn’t matter, this is what you were born to do and I’m so excited to help you reveal it!


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