Meet Martine


Martine Redman has only ever chosen to engage with work that has ignited a passion and love within her heart. Beginning with a professional dancing career spanning the first 25 years of her life, this experience built the foundation of who she is today.


Discovering a love of inspiring people through performance, this principle followed her through the next chapters of her life. The discipline of technique and training and the challenge to maintain the passion and drive to keep going with what she loved, not only when success was flowing but also when faced with the disappointment of rejection, self doubt or challenges were life skills gained during her dance career.


Transitioning from the dance world into the fitness and Pilates industry, Martine was able to grow into another of her natural gifts – listening, counselling and helping others. For 12 years, spanning both New Zealand and Australia, Martine transformed the lives of those she taught. Working one-to-one with people who were in pain, either physically or by their distorted body image, made her hyper aware of the impact she could have in people’s lives.


Martine chose to create businesses that supported her philosophy and beliefs and used these as her main vehicle to give to others. It was during that period that the need for “more” began to stir. More purpose, more financial stability, more choices—simply more.


Having an intrinsic sense of trust that when your intention is to find something the universe will provide, Martine took a leap of faith by trusting her instincts and taking on a business that on the surface didn’t look at all like what she was searching for. Outside of her usual style of business this brave choice ended up being so much more than imagined.


Building her own business, predominantly in the female market in beauty and wellness, gave her the opportunity to step further in to supporting women—this time whilst starting their own business and taking control of their own economy and time structure. The most valuable aspect of this was growing and learning herself, pushing herself and building systems for success. She thrived in this space where she worked closely with women, coaching, teaching and sharing her message through public speaking in front of audiences up to 10,000 people.


It was a natural step to join Louise in her venture Prosperity Begins at 40. Having had the joy of having her as a personal friend and business coach for nearly ten years, working alongside Louise is an honour and a lot of fun for Martine.


Within Prosperity Begins at 40 Martine feels as though she is unstoppable as she is working with her natural gifts and is even more passionate than ever about helping women realise it is never too late to take their own gifts into the world and live life feeling happy and full of purpose.