Meet Louise


For those women doubting the prospect of reclaiming their lives after 40, one only need look at Louise Fowller to discover just how possible it is.


As a young child, Louise witnessed her family struggle through devastation—her father’s bankruptcy due to gambling, her parents’ subsequent divorce and her baby sister’s death. This experience set the course for her life and she forged a path built on wanting to make things easier for others and learning how to have an abundant life.


After a life change that meant she had to start financially from scratch, Louise realised she found herself in a similar situation that her mum had been in and made the brave decision to switch direction and begin anew, as a solo mum at 40. This was a huge wake up call and Louise knew it was time to bring forth her own gifts, courage and put into practice all the knowledge she had accumulated over her years of searching and learning.


Armed with a strong sense of purpose and unwavering commitment, Louise proceeded to grow a multimillion dollar business in Australia. Louise knew that she still had a greater purpose to fulfil.


Seeking to reach the next level within her life purpose and ultimate vision, Louise established her new global organization, “Prosperity Begins at 40.” Filled with a passion for igniting a flame within women that fuels them to move toward a life of deep fulfilment and greater prosperity, Louise and her team have a mission to inspire women that is it never too late to go for what really matters most to them.


By combining her decades of business and life experience with an innate understanding of women, Louise has created a safe, diverse community where women from around the world can learn to reconnect with their own essence and create a lifestyle truly connected to their unique gifts and purpose.


Acting as a shining beacon of what’s possible when you don’t let doubt hold you back, Louise empowers women through her revolutionary online academy to uncover their unique potential and create a prosperous life doing exactly what they love to do.


As a sought after coach, speaker and trainer, Louise truly is the leading voice in Australia on inspiring women over 40 to pursue the magic that lies within their own innate gifts.


Her resounding presence and heart-warming authenticity will not only make you laugh and cry, through a delicate mix of inspiration, education and motivation, Louise will instil in you an ‘I can do this’ mindset that will stay with you forever.