Meet Louise


For those women doubting the prospect of reclaiming their lives after 40, one only need look at Louise Fowller to discover just how possible it is.


As a young child, Louise witnessed her family struggle through devastation—her father’s bankruptcy due to gambling, her parents’ subsequent divorce and her baby sister’s death. This experience set the course for her life and she forged a path built on wanting to make things easier for others and learning how to have an abundant life.



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Meet Belinda


If there’s a motto Belinda Wuensch has lived by from a young age it’s, “stay true to what matters most.” This motto has guided her through her childhood, world travels, working life and even her relationships—after meeting her husband in Germany on student exchange at 16, she refused to let distance get in their way and fought to keep hold of what mattered most. Today, they are happily married in Australia with a beautiful daughter.



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Meet Ryan


Ryan Fowler is a photographer with a passion for breathing life into every shot he takes. Few things bring him more satisfaction than capturing unforgettable moments and memories, and he has become known for his peerless landscapes, extraordinary nature and storytelling travel photography. As a man of many talents, Ryan is also the behind the scenes IT technical master of Prosperity Begins At 40 and seamlessly deals with any technical issues that spring up.

Meet Martine


Martine Redman has only ever chosen to engage with work that has ignited a passion and love within her heart. Beginning with a professional dancing career spanning the first 25 years of her life, this experience built the foundation of who she is today.


Discovering a love of inspiring people through performance, this principle followed her through the next chapters of her life. The discipline of technique and training and the challenge to maintain the passion and drive to keep going with what she loved, not only when success was flowing but also when faced with the disappointment of rejection, self doubt or challenges were life skills gained during her dance career.



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