How to unfurl your wings, love yourself, love life and make courageous decisions

How to unfurl your wings, love yourself, love life and make courageous decisions

Every woman was born with incredible power and potential within her. Yet so many women either have their wings clipped or clip their own wings while going through life. They end up living their life as a role rather than being who they were born to be and doing what they were born to do. Even when they succeed personally and professionally feel like it’s not really them that is succeeding because they are not fully expressing whom they are and their gifts. They can even become self-destructive. Their wings are still there, but they no longer use them; they just exist.

When women hit 40, its often a crunch time for them. It is an invitation again to blossom that they can either listen to and heed or override. Mid-life is an invitation to fall back in love with themselves, or even start to truly love themselves for the first time, and remember their God given purpose. It can also initially be a painful time as they acknowledge how much pain they have suppressed. It can feel like a time to give, but is actually an invitation to a rebirth.

Prosperity Begins at 40 mirrors my own life experience of knowing the pain of not unfolding my own wings and then making courageous decisions that led to a transformation of my own life. I know that mid-life can also be a fantastic time of rebirth and new beginnings. Having been willing to undergo my own transformation, I feel fuelled by a deep passion to ignite the wonderful female spirit and support the spiritual growth of each woman.

I like to share my own life journey and deep, authentic and life-affirming conversations with inspiring women who been courageous enough to have initiated change and re-written the story of their own live. My passion is to both inspire women to new possibilities and give them the opportunity to piece their own lives together. I do not propose quick fixes, but the step-by-step unfolding of each woman’s wings and learning to fly again.

My project ‘’YOUR PROSPERITY CODE” is based on my belief that etched upon each woman’s heart is a ‘true story and a divine purpose’ waiting to be unwrapped and expressed. I believe passionately in the contribution that each woman makes to their family, community and the planet when they recognise, own and express their true power, courage and gifts. Everyone is poorer when a woman’s talents are not fully expressed and we are all blessed when each woman truly loves and values who she is.

Stay tuned, as we will soon be launching our New Online Training to support you in unlocking ‘Your Prosperity Code’.


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