60’s is the NEW 40’s! Prosperity does begin at 40…

60’s is the NEW 40’s! Prosperity does begin at 40…

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m taking a quiet and peaceful opportunity to just sit and look out at the world. The previous night was storms and howling wind, but today it’s just beautiful blue skies and the world is going past as if nothing happened, but a lot has happened, to me, I am sitting here thinking about “Prosperity” …

What I know now and what I once thought Prosperity was? I used to think it was just being rich, that having money made you prosperous, but it’s not quite the case, there is so very much more!

I am about to step into my 60’s and when I look back over my life I see how time has flown! In this time I have been a running my own successful businesses, married, 3 fabulous children, dogs included, cooked, cleaned, life just goes on.

Then! You get to that period of your life when a lot of responsibilities are not there anymore, time has marched on and all of a sudden you get this feeling of being “lost” wandering in the desert, walking in circles and wondering where am I, where do I fit, what is there that yearns inside of me, that I still need to do” …

When I reached this point I was extremely fortunate and blessed to meet my now very dear friend and mentor, Louise Fowller. Louise taught me I can just let go, let go of what does not serve me, old beliefs, old thought processes and old conditioning. To achieve this my first step was make a start into gratitude journaling. Journaling, so I could reconnect to what was most important to me. This was my time!


let it go




This was a strange and new concept to me, I must admit I had always said “thank you” but never really thought about how that thank you affected me.

Now over the past 2 years I have learnt so much about myself and about what I want from life … I have learnt to be grateful, grateful for all the big things, the medium size things and the little things. I have come to this conscious knowing through “journaling” each morning and evening.

I journal firstly, what I am grateful for, and believe me the list just keeps growing. I have found in doing this, I am happier, I know now where I fit, I now know what my true passion in life is, what I want to do with my life… I have learnt to appreciate, to be happy and content, with me.

Through Louise’s mentoring she helped me to uncover my “souls calling” which makes me truly happy and fulfilled, for this I will be eternally grateful. I am now in a place of being confident and ready to face the world. I would love to encourage you to embrace the Soul Gratitude Ritual, and become part of “Prosperity begins at 40”.


Lynn_BW  Lyn Pallesy – Prosperity Code Graduate






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